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Our Mission

Synergy Botanicals Mission is to use Scientific Research to create and provide Natural, Safe, Pure, Quality, Effective CBD Homeopathic Products to Improve Quality of Life.


We are passionate about the power and benefits of all natural Full Spectrum CBD and Terpenes and have used science and research to formulate the most beneficial products to promote health and wellness.


We believe in being “Fully Transparent” and want our customers to know the ingredients in our quality products!


As Pharmacists, we have done extensive research and we are committed to sharing the knowledge about our Homeopathic products with you.


We ensure our products are pure and safe by testing for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Heavy Metals, Mycotoxins, and Bacteria/Yeast through a licensed third-party testing facility.

About the Founders

Since we are Health Care Professionals ourselves, we have seen many people in clinical settings struggling on medications that have side effects. We decided to conduct scientific research from clinical literature about natural compounds that would help with symptoms of certain conditions and came across Cannabinoids, one of them that is very well known called Cannabidiol (CBD). Soon thereafter, Synergy Botanicals was created. However, before becoming Pharmacists, we were both Chemists, which gave us specific training and knowledge to understand analytical equipment that is used to test our products for safety and potency. Our Pharmacy education and training allows us to formulate specific beneficial health and wellness products. Dylan has worked very hard to formulate the best Full Spectrum CBD Oil to provide the most benefit to people who use our products. Shiris has several years of experience in the manufacturing industry and has sourced Safe High-Quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil and other beneficial Organic Ingredients that we use to formulate our products. We oversee and ensure that the hemp farms and manufacturers used to make our products are according to Organic Good Manufacturing Practices and include Superior Extraction Methods.
Dylan Tran, Pharm D., RPH
Head of Research and Development
Shiris Patel, Pharm D.
Head of Operations

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