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Energy Terpenes

“I ordered the 750mg full spectrum Energy Terpenes CBD & it’s fantastic! I take 25mg in the morning & another 25mg in the afternoon. The directions are clear & easy to follow. The liquid goes right under the tongue & the taste is very satisfying. I’m able to stay focused & have plenty of energy to get me through the work day. After a busy day, I’m able to get a restful night’s sleep.” – John K.

Relax Terpenes

“I have been purchasing the relax CBD for my son who is diagnosed with TBI and post concussion syndrome. His headache, dizziness, and nausea symptoms have been chronic for the past 4.5 years. I have been working with the two pharmacists that created this product to determine the proper dosage for my son. This product does not have any aftertaste nor does it give him a “high” as other CBD products have. With the relax CBD, I have found that my son is sleeping a bit better. It has also helped reduce his nausea, which for him was worse than his headache.” – Rajghosh

Relax Terpenes

“After almost a decade of trying various SSRIs and other medications to combat my depression and anxiety, I gave up on finding something efficacious and went cold turkey off the medication, resulting in terrible backlash in anxiety; difficulty breathing, constricted chest, racing thoughts. Using this CBD oil at even the low end of their recommended dose squashes these symptoms and leaves me feeling very functional. Definitely a superior product to many you’d find in local stores. The product is pleasant to take with excellent results and great communication from Synergy. This has totally renewed my faith in the incredible benefits offered by CBD.” –


Pharmacist Formulated



Our products are Formulated by a Licensed Pharmacist and made with the Highest Quality CO2 Extracted CBD Oil sourced from Organic Hemp Farms in Kentucky and Colorado. We use the best strains of Hemp to ensure the best Cannabinoid and Terpene profile is used to produce the most effective Full Spectrum CBD Oil with CBD and all other cannabinoids including, CBN, CBG, CBC, and CBDV. Most importantly, our Pharmacist Formulated Products have the highest amount of Beneficial Terpenes.

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